Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you get your ideas?

To a writer, that's like asking "Why do you breathe?" Ideas are always there. Like a pesky younger sister. Or jock itch. It's dealing with them and forcing them to cooperate enough to make a good story that's the challenge.

Will THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS be available in my country?

It just might! It will be available September 20 in the United States, and September 22 in the U.K. and Commonwealth territories. After that, it will also be published in Germany, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Spain, and France. We're working on adding more countries. I'll post availability dates as I know them.

Why do you write for kids and teens? Why not grown-ups?

Kids are a lot more interesting than grown-ups. They feel emotion more powerfully, and they are open to new ideas. Writing for teens reminds me to keep growing and changing and to always test my boundaries.

Why do you say "Dude" so much?

Dude, I can't help it. I grew up in California during the Golden Age of Skating and then went to college in SoCal. Removing it from my vocabulary would feel like ripping out my spleen.

Where can I read your Harry Potter fanfiction?

Sorry, that's a different--but equally well-named--Rae Carson. I bet Rae Carsons the world over have vivid imaginations and the urge to create. :)

What's it like being married to another novelist? Do you guys ever compete? Do you get into fights about writing?!

Charlie and I are very different writers, but no, we don't fight over it, and no, we don't compete. Being married to another author is pretty much awesome. He is my biggest fan and cheerleader and the first person to read all my stuff. I hope I'm half as helpful to him as he is to me.

Will you read my book/story/memoir and give me some feedback?

Sorry, no. I wish I could, but I'm so busy with my own deadlines, and I simply don't have time. But if you're serious about writing, you should consider joining the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Lots of well-known authors are OWW alumni! If you are a teenaged writer, I cannot recommend Inkpop highly enough. It's a wonderful community, and it even gives you a chance to have your work viewed by real editors. Good luck!

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